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俄罗斯驻北京大使馆的红房子 - MANAKOV, T.B.



Red Fangzi at the Russian Embassy in Beijing: Island of Orthodoxy in China

The book is devoted to the history of the ancient building which is located on the territory of the Russian Embassy in China and called "Red Fangzi". Nowadays the divine services of the "Holy Dormition Community of Beijing" (Russian Orthodox Church) are carried out there. This Orthodox Community is the most numerous one in China.

"Red Fangzi" is closely connected with the Russian Orthodox Mission in China. At the beginning of the XX century the bishop's house-church in honour of Saint Innokentiy of Irkutsk and the bishop's residence of the Mission were situated there.

The book gives the reader a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the interior of the building, the chronological facts about the revival of the church life of the Orthodox Community in Beijing. Moreover the numerous photos, which are represented in the book, give an accurate account of the events.

The edition will be captivating also for those who are interested in the history of the Orthodox Church in China as well as for the Orthodox believers in Beijing.
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