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Evangelio Litúrgico

Byzantine Hymns of the Nativity

Byzantine Hymns of the Nativity



1. Today The Virgin Demo 1

2. Come, Ye Believers;Who Wonderest Thou, O Mary

3. Glory to God in the Highest

4. Polyeleos of the Nativity

5. Come, Ye Believers

6. Now Manifested

7. A Marvelous Wonder

8. Our Savior

9. O House of Ephratha

10. The Father Hath Been Pleased and Satisfied

11. Thou Hast Shone Forth From the Virgin

12. The Epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians

13. When the Lord Jesus Was Born

14. Magnify, O My Soul

15. When It Was Time For Thy Presence

16. The Great Doxology

17. Thy Nativity, O Christ Our God Demo 2

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